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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    In these difficult economic times, it is very easy to become complacent, overwhelmed, and helpless.  We hear every day about more and more economic hardship in the world, the United States, and the Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey areas.  As employers throughout the United States continue to target workers in order to balance budgets and meet profit margins, unions, as especially the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, remain as some of the only allies workers have on their side.  Workers were not responsible for irresponsible banks engaging in risky lending, and yet workers are being asked to pay the price.  Workers were not responsible for municipal employers’ failure to timely balance budgets and waste tax payers’ money on patronage jobs, and yet workers are being asked to pay the price.  You are not alone in this struggle, and there are some things you can do to help yourself and your fellow union members.

As a member of Teamsters Local 929, your collective bargaining agreement protects your job, your wages and your benefits.  Without the Union, you have no contract, and no protection.  You also have your own voice, and you can take action to make your situation better.  Simply stated, stay informed and get out and vote!  There are a number of local and national politicians who face reelection and are seeking their first term this fall.  Some stand with labor and support your rights as a worker – and others do not.  Stay informed about candidates and find out what their records are on workers’ rights.  Unions have been instrumental in fighting off anti-union legislation around the country.  In both Ohio and Georgia, unions mobilized their membership to strike down anti-worker legislation.  In Wisconsin, workers insisted on a recall election for Governor Scott Walker.  While Governor Walker eventually won the recall election, unions were successful in stripping much of the anti-union legislation that prompted the process, and sent a clear message to Governor Walker.  Therefore, stay informed and make sure you vote in your best interest and the best interest of your fellow Teamsters!


                                                        Rocky Bryan Jr.
                                                        President Local 929


Teamsters Local 929 Executive Board

   As a service to our Membership, the New Administration developed this Web-Site to keep the Members up to date and informed with the operations of Local 929. We, as your newly elected Leaders, will bring opportunities to our Members. Many cost saving measures have been identified and implemented. We are proud that our actions enable us to bring the Members information that can be accessed thru this Web-Site. We encourage everyone to visit TeamstersLocal929.org frequently to access the benefits of being a member of your Local.

   Teamsters Local 929 was chartered on June 1, 1948. Teamsters Local 929 is affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Pennsylvania Conference of Teamsters and Teamsters Joint Council 53. Being a member of Local 929 you are part of a family, over 1.4 million strong.

   Teamsters Local 929 represents Workers over a large spectrum of occupations: From Truck Drivers, Warehouse Workers, Health Care Services, Produce Handlers/Packers, Cleaning Service Employees, Supermarket Employees, Baking Industry Employees, Parking Attendants, Mechanics, Port Workers to Municipal Employees, Bus Drivers and more. As Teamsters, our Membership gain from good wages, benefits and respect on the job.


To All Local 929 Members:

We are excited to bring opportunities to the Membership. We have been working hard to contact different Businesses to offer discounts to the Members of Local 929.

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